INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY: 19 Year Old Newcastle Student Publishes Debut Poetry Book On Womanhood

A 19-Year-Old Journalism Student at Newcastle University has published her debut poetry book, ‘Cool, Cruel World‘ on Amazon Books, which discusses the ‘melancholia’ behind tragic images of womanhood.

The poetry book written by young writer, Iona May Todd, discusses ‘trials and tribulations of femininity, with the themes of growth, freedom, and sexuality, of a woman’s experiences,’ according to the book’s description.

Featuring 21 poems across the span of 31 pages, poems such as ‘Pink Bathroom Tiles’ and, ‘I’m So Cool, I’m Dead,’ use blue tones and melancholic images to discuss one perspective of confinement in womanhood.

This book by the writer is hoped to be the first of many. Her second, literary fiction novel already completed, she is currently seeking representation once more.

Tell Me About It spoke to Todd about how her debut book. “I’ve been building up a repertoire of poetry for years now, and I think lockdown gave me the push I needed to finally do something about it,” Todd said. “Creating images is what I love, and I want to really make people think about themes that are important to me, that being the tribulations of womanhood on this occasion.”

Iona May Todd studies Journalism at Newcastle University, and regularly freelances in her spare time when she is not writing fictionally.

“I self-published a fictional novel on Amazon called ‘North of Kent’ when I was thirteen, but I was young and naive at the time,” Todd continued. “Although I’m glad that I did it, it’s now that feels like the right time to start releasing the years worth of work which I cherish like a baby, because I feel like it represents the truest parts of me.”

Todd continues to look for representation for her second book.

If you would like to purchase ‘Cool, Cruel World’ by Iona May Todd, you can do so here:

Find Iona May Todd on Instagram @ionamay_ or on Twitter @ionamay16 and let her know what you think about this news!

What do you think about this news? Have you read it and left a review?
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Happy International Woman’s Day!

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