Actress And Strictly Come Dancing Star Maisie Smith’s Recent Instagram Post Promotes Self Love

Eastenders Actress and Strictly Come Dancing talent, Maisie Smith, has posted a collage of paparazzi photos to her Instagram, highlighting her major insecurities with her legs.

Posted on Wednesday 26th November, the 19 year old star captioned that posting this was an attempt to “help other people feel more confident about their own insecurities.”

“YOU ARE FRIGGING BEAUTIFUL,” Smith added into her caption.

According to statistics by Good Housekeeping, ‘61% of 10-17 year olds in the UK have low self-esteem.’

In an article published by Huffpost, it was supposed that social media had been linked to ‘higher levels of loneliness, envy, anxiety, depression, narcissism, and decreased social skills,’ all of which ultimately create a negative impact upon self-esteem.

The graph below states statistics found in a survey made by the Mental Health Foundation, regarding young people.

Hannah Watson, 18, a self-proclaimed Strictly enthusiast, spoke to Tell Me About It on her response to Maisie’s post. “She is reminding us that it’s okay to have doubts about yourself, even celebrities do, but it doesn’t mean you can’t overcome those doubts and be happy with yourself in the future.”

Maisie Smith dances with partner, Gorka Marquez, on Strictly Come Dancing, on BBC One at 7:15pm every Saturday night until Christmas.

Tell Me About It also spoke to Astrid Longhurst, founder of The Institute for Body Confidence Coaching, and author of ‘Romancing Your Body,’ a guide into falling in love with your body. “Maisie highlights the struggle that so many women have about their bodies, and yet she broke though her own body barriers…This is huge!”

“It cannot be underestimated the courage it takes to do something like this,” Longhurst added. “This strikes a deep heartfelt chord with every woman who has ever tried to hide their body because they felt it wasn’t good enough in some way.”

“This is the feeling that all of us are looking for,” Longhurst went on, “that fabulous sense of being able to wear our body proudly.”

Charly Stakim, 22, a model, personal trainer, artist, and known as ‘@thebodyconfidenceartist‘ on Instagram, took lockdown as her opportunity to paint beautifully artistic portraits of nude women. “I think Maisie’s post is SO important. Women don’t often see people’s ‘bad angles’ and instead see a photo-shopped, unattainable versions of what society sees as beauty. We need to learn to love our bodies – here, today, now.”

“For my personal training,” Stakim added, “I purposely don’t use before and after photos…this allows people to focus on how they feel, their health and their strength rather than looking like a random girl they found on Instagram.”

Chlo Hodgkinson, 24, a content creator who promotes self love and positivity on her YouTube channel, also spoke to Tell Me About It on this subject. “The more girls that talk about it and normalise it, the better!…Just a simple post that allows girls to feel like they aren’t alone makes such a huge difference to their confidence and their day.”

“Women in the public eye can often be seen as ‘having it all’ and girls compare lives, so seeing someone like Maisie posting realness helps other females feel like they aren’t alone,” Hodgkinson added. “It’s about knowing that even the days we don’t feel great or spot on, we’re still okay!”

If you are struggling with low self-esteem, you are not alone.

Mind Helpline – 0300 123 3393

Or visit Reading Well for more wellbeing advice –

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