UK Food Blogger Talks Nutrition, Mental Health and Her New Cookbook

Sarah Louise, 31, of SarahLousKitchen is a home chef living in Newcastle, who 5 years ago began her lifestyle journey into fitness and food.

The Independent described her as “brash without offence, down to earth and homely, yet at the same time brutal, wise and enviable all in one. You literally get what you see with Sarah and that’s the beauty of her and what she’s created. How could you not love it?”, and Tell Me About It was able to hear all about Sarah’s journey, first-hand.

I spoke to Sarah, where we discussed how being in an unhealthy mindset can be the start to an unhealthy impact on the body. 5 years on, feeling the best version of herself, Sarah has created a platform for like-minded people, dedicated to sharing a community focused on health and wellness.

SarahLousKitchen gives you the ingredients to get started with your own healthy recipes from sultry Sweetcorn and Courgette Fritters to gorgeous Garlic Chicken Courgetti, mixing in private cooking classes which users can book in advance, adding a dashing consort of her community to help people settle into a healthier lifestyle, post-pandemic.

Check out our chat below –

Sarah’s brand new cookbook is also available to order on her website here:

Follow Sarah on Instagram –

Find Sarah on Facebook –

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