Gateshead Takeaway Service Provides For NHS During Covid-19

Healthy high-street restaurant and takeaway, NU TO GO, has been providing the North East Ambulance Service Trust with nutritious food across the period of Covid-19.

The NHS initially approached NU TO GO in 2019, interested in a partnership to supply food to the North East Ambulance Service Trust during working hours, and has occupied their on-site cafe since.

Due to impacts of Covid, NU TO GO has seen marketplace sales “plummet”, though with demand to provide for the NHS ever-increasing.

NU TO GO are currently still offering a takeaway service, as well as curbside collection.

Tell Me About It spoke to Darren Appleton, 30, who owns NU TO GO alongside his partner. “We’re on the floor…just like any other restaurant at the minute,” Appleton told us. “Sales have naturally dropped, but we’re still delivering to the NHS.”

“We offer food to the key workers, front-line staff, paramedics, 999 and 111 call centres from our onsite cafe,” Appleton continued, “And we then deliver food and drink to NHS Trust sites all across the North East.”

In July 2020, the UK Government announced their ‘Better Health‘ Scheme – unveiled in an attempt to urge the public to lose weight through frequent exercise, and eating healthier food. This was done in order to protect the public from Covid, and to protect the NHS simultaneously.

In this report, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this statement: “If we all do our bit, we can reduce our health risks and protect ourselves against Coronavirus ā€“ as well as taking pressure off the NHS.”

In results from Statistica, it was reported that 20% of Brits had began eating healthier diets since the beginning of lockdown in March.

Appleton went on to discuss NU TO GO’s popular meal prep service, which has seen an increase in sales over this time.

“Our food trucks would visit business parks every day in order to provide healthy food for office workers. Now they are off the road, businesses have purchased our meal plans available at our website, where we deliver food to houses twice a week, allowing healthy eating from home.”

NU TO GO offers balanced, vegetarian and vegan options, included with macro information. They offer curbside collection from their Gateshead store, as well as delivery which you can order from their website.

Emma Minto, 38, a teacher in Newcastle, told Tell Me About It on how NU TO GO is significant to her lifestyle. “I love their food…they have such good variety that you don’t feel deprived, or like you’re missing out on anything. I like how it doesn’t make me feel bloated or sluggish afterward, unlike a normal takeaway.”

Tell Me About It also spoke to Fresh Prepare, a meal prep and takeaway service in the Washington, who also provide balanced options to the public at this time, macro and calorie counted for a quick, takeaway meal of, “cleaned up classics without the guilt.”

Gareth Walker, 37, director at Fresh Prepare, discussed this year as being a demanding one. “Whilst we’ve seen less of a demand for meal prep, we’ve seen a lot more demand for takeaways. There’s been a lot of changes in the marketplace.”

“A lot more people have been at home this year,” Walker went on, “being a lot more sedentary than normal, so a healthy diet combined with exercise even at home, can be very beneficial. But if that takeaway option was preferred, we provide that, minus the guilt.”

You can contact Fresh Prepare on their website, where they provide 20% off for new subscribers.
You can also order Fresh Prepare for delivery, through their trusted partners on Just Eat and UberEats.

You can contact NU TO GO through their website, or order online.
You can also order NU TO GO on UberEats

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